Call To Action

Todays’s Bog Post is courtesy of my daughter – Angela.

We see the terror in the world every day. The few and strong have suffered from it as well.

I would imagine it was a typical fun Saturday out to let some steam off, get loose, and have a good time.

  I spent most of my 20’s there. The Oregon district in Dayton, Ohio. Many great memories. Many fun times. I had the over- drinking times as well and didn’t get mistreated. It was safe. I was never worried or scared.

This hit me hard when I woke up to this news.

There was a shooting in the Oregon District. Nine people lost their lives. Many others wounded.

Everyone is scared.  I started remembering the times I had there and felt sad.

It’s taken me all this time to process what has happened.  Things are rapidly changing around the world.

People are losing their lives over nothing. Parents are without children. Lovers lost.

Our fun, happy place is now where we go to mourn. Everyone is crying. No one can have fun.

Why is this happening?