How Did This Happen?

I’m here to tell my story. I’m like a lot of people out there – I love to craft!! Unfortunately, (also like a lot of people) I had no dedicated space. Slowly bins, boxes, and bags began to stack up all over the house. You know how that happens – a markdown you just have to have. But because I had no space, I would pack it away and accumulated duplicates (not very good for my budget). Half done craft projects were hastily taken off the kitchen table and didn’t get finished in a timely manner. With work and family obligations – I would sometimes go months without crafting.

Then, my situation changed. I stopped working. I now had time, but still no space. I carved a small area here or there and actually began to enjoy seeing a craft go from idea to finished product. I tried to stay organized, but I still was pretty much living out of bins. I started to dream of my ultimate craft space. (of course in my dream, I had an unlimited budget). Still it was just a dream.

Then, my situation changed. All of our kids were now out on their own !!!

Here it was MY chance for a craft space. But…first, I decided to redo the room hubby and I used the most – the family room. Nothing major- I told hubby. Just paint to freshing things up. Well we did that. That made the old carpet look worse. That’s how the new tile came along. It looked great. But…the family room is right off of the kitchen. The appliances had all been updated over the last 30 years, but the décor was 1980’s yellow laminate. So some paint (did you know they make sink and countertop paint?) and tiles later that room was finished.

Over the last year, we went room by room – painting, ripping up carpet, adding new tiles, new curtains till each room looked great. We made it a family project. Our daughters helping to paint and tile. My brother doing the heavy duty stuff – taking down old ceiling fans and patching walls. My sister in law with design ideas. As we started a room – everything was shoved temporarily into the third bedroom. Including all my craft stuff ! I so enjoyed completing each room (like a giant craft project)

Then we just had one room left – The Third Bedroom. It was time for my ULTIMATE CRAFT ROOM. It started off just like all the other rooms – pull up the carpet – paint – tile. That part I had down pat. The hard part was how to organize everything I had ,on a budget (after all this was reality not a dream). I scrutinized other peoples room ideas, I spent HOURS pricing what I thought I would need, I watched video after video about setting up a craft space. At first I was overwhelmed. But then I realized what my focus had to be…

Because budget was first and foremost with this whole project, I looked at what others had for their rooms and got inspired for my room. I was able to repurpose what I had. An old desk in the garage holding tools, mismatched screws and the deer for the lawn at Christmas was given TLC by my daughter and I, and now is the focal point of the room. A long forgotten file cabinet will hold scrapbooking supplies. A bookcase will be spiffed up and hold paints and beads.

I’m sitting here tonight with boxes all around me. My daughter will be here in two days. She will help me hang curtains, put the desk under the window and put all the yarn , paper, and beads away. Then I will have my ULTIMATE CRAFT ROOM.

I feel a project starting already………….

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