Every Job Has A Pancake

Yep – they’re crooked

Today my daughter arrived to help me put the ULTIMATE CRAFT ROOM together. We started with the curtains….

    Now I must tell you our plan when it comes to redecorating – we do our very best, but we know perfection is sometimes out of our reach. We’ve had to pull up crooked tile, sand off drip marks, and retouch paint dings. We don’t sweat the small imperfections in our jobs. Today we started out putting up new curtain rods……

   Despite our best effort, we struggled. We measured, lined up, leveled and measured again before drilling our holes. Then everything went downhill quickly – the wall anchors that came with the new curtain rods were so flimsy they broke before they made it into the wall. We decided to just place the screws, but of course the holes were now too big (I mean TOOOOO big). My poor daughter was so frustrated. So new plan. New holes just to the left without an anchor worked great. I assured her the curtains would hide the first screw. She did great getting those curtains up despite the problems. Then she stepped back and we both noticed they were crooked!

 I thought she was going to cry. She has been so helpful with this project and wants my vision to come to life. We took a break and talked about how this has been such a family bonding moment. I told her how much I have appreciated all the help for the last year to get the house finished. Then I said this set of curtains would be our pancake. She had heard that phrase before. Rolling her eyes, she began to smile.

   You see – just because we like to craft, doesn’t make us fantastic when it comes to bigger home improvement projects. In the last year, we have had to realize that and not worry about perfection. WE can spot every little mistake, but all others see are new, modern updated. Our house is looking good. And the ULTIMATE CRAFT ROOM will be the same when it is done. Together my daughter and I decided, we would make sure the desk in front of the curtains would be the focal point. Back to work we went……

   After all – we had a second set of even bigger curtains to hang over the closet area.

Happy with how this set came out. Hanging tiebacks.

P.S. The second set came out perfect. (Practice makes pretty close to perfect)

NOT a pancake !!!

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