DIY Hand Sanitizer

Lots of DIY hand sanitizer recipes circulating on the internet today. My local news last night reported that a bottle of hand sanitizer is going for $ 25 dollars. Wow – Thought I’d share a recipe that I ran across. It comes from a fantastic DIYer named Kelly Barlow. Her You Tube channel is Kelly Barlow Creations.

The recipe is very simple a 2:1 ratio of rubbing alcohol to aloe gel. I found 91% rubbing alcohol at both Krogers and Walmart. I used Aloe Gel (without lidocaine) from the Dollar Tree. I used travel bottles from the Dollar Tree. Total cost was 5.00 for 6 bottles. That comes out to 83 cents per bottle.

So easy to make. If you cannot get 91% rubbing alcohol – it is recommended to use at least 70% rubbing alcohol. Let’s all make some and keep our families healthy.

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