Personal Safety Kits

Kits ready to be sent to family.

I’ve spent my time at home preparing for Coronavirus. I posted a recipe for DIY hand sanitizer last week. This week I will send family members small personal safety kits to keep in their car or purse. I stocked each one with hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes and disposable gloves.

DIY Hand Sanitizer

Lots of DIY hand sanitizer recipes circulating on the internet today. My local news last night reported that a bottle of hand sanitizer is going for $ 25 dollars. Wow – Thought I’d share a recipe that I ran across. It comes from a fantastic DIYer named Kelly Barlow. Her You Tube channel is Kelly Barlow Creations.

The recipe is very simple a 2:1 ratio of rubbing alcohol to aloe gel. I found 91% rubbing alcohol at both Krogers and Walmart. I used Aloe Gel (without lidocaine) from the Dollar Tree. I used travel bottles from the Dollar Tree. Total cost was 5.00 for 6 bottles. That comes out to 83 cents per bottle.

So easy to make. If you cannot get 91% rubbing alcohol – it is recommended to use at least 70% rubbing alcohol. Let’s all make some and keep our families healthy.